If you take into account the points of the rules of the road, all cars, including cars and trucks, must have at least one fire extinguisher in the cabin. It may be:
-with charging on a water basis (only in a warm season)

Previously, it was possible to use refrigerant extinguishers, but since they negatively affect the environment, such devices are prohibited for use.

Taking into account that we do not live in a tropical climate, we have winters, sometimes long and frosty , the choice is powder and carbon dioxide. If you can not decide which device for the car to choose and which manufacturer, study the characteristics of each of the allowed types, as well as view the companies involved in their release.

On the domestic market of automotive car fire extinguishers , both Russian and manufacturers from the near and far abroad are represented. Most of them meet the standards of GOST R 51057-2001. Consider some of them.

1. CJSC Rusintek.
The Moscow company has been on the market for 5 years. Its main activity is the development and production of fire safety products, which includes automotive fire extinguishers. A wide range of hand-held devices can be purchased in volumes from two to 50 liters.

2. NPK "Systems and technologies of fire safety", St. Petersburg.
The research and production company has been operating for 13 years and specializes in the production of fire-fighting installations. Quality certificates allow this manufacturer to be among the leaders, whose products are recommended for use in the car.

3. Note Bene from St. Petersburg.
The company is represented on the market by the OX-1 compact aerosol fire extinguisher, which has successfully passed acceptance tests. This device has good performance, as well as high efficiency at a low price. Universal fire extinguishing agent designed to extinguish various types of fires.

4. Group of companies "APTV", Yaroslavl.
The leading Russian company offers primary fire extinguishing equipment, among other things, portable carbon dioxide (OU-1,2,3,5) and powder (OP-2,3,4,58) can be purchased.

5. PO Pozhtekhavtomatika, Moscow.
One of the oldest largest companies in the domestic market (operating since 1997) offers a large selection of fire fighting equipment.

6. LLC Onyx (Tatarstan).
Zelenodolsk firm today presents on the market a wide selection of high-quality automotive fire extinguishers.

Among this type of products for cars in the markets you can find devices made in Belarus and Kazakhstan.
1. Fire Fighting M (Almaty).
The Kazakh company specializing in the production of fire safety, has long established itself in Russia. Their motto is the latest technology along with low prices and security.

2. Aegis (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
The Aegis group of companies provides a wide range of relevant services in the field of fire fighting. In the price list you can find various types of extinguishing devices, including powder and carbon dioxide.

3. Pozhtekhnika (Vitebsk, Belarus).
The Belarusian manufacturer offers users various types and types of extinguishing devices that meet the quality standards of ISO 9001.

Far abroad
Fire extinguishers for cars made in Italy, Turkey, China and other foreign countries . Some of them have proven themselves on the positive side (for example, the Italian company SVM), while other devices did not cope with the task under test (the Turkish company "Jupiter").


Every experienced driver who has been on the road for a long time knows that providing good visibility is the key to preventing accidents. To do this, at a minimum, you need to maintain the cleanliness of the windows of your own vehicle. Wiper blades - the most important component in this matter. But how to choose the wipers correctly? After all, this automotive part should not be better able to cope with their direct responsibilities. About this later in the article.

For a start, it should be noted that wipers for the car are divided into types:
1. winter
2. summer

"Winter brushes" are characterized by greater elasticity, which is caused by the use of soft "rubber". In the frosty season it is recommended to install frameless wipers on cars.

In order to make the selected brushes ideal for the owner, some basic criteria should be considered when choosing:

1. Versatility mounting structure.
2. The corresponding length of the right and left brushes.
3. The quality of the material from which the tape is made.
4. Price category.

Taking into account the main points, all vehicle owners will be able to easily choose wipers that meet their individual requirements.

Today, the auto parts market is literally overflowing with various types of wipers. They differ in price, structure and working material.

1.Frame wipers.
2.Frameless wipers.
3.Hybrid wipers.

Frame wipers are a classic. Their design is considered the most common. The density of the fit to the glass is provided by the systematic work of the rocker arms with hinges. Bushings and axles of such wipers are made of the most popular plastic today. Due to this, the degree of icing of the material is significantly reduced; at the lowest temperatures, ice is cleared without difficulty

Pricing policy is quite democratic, which makes them accessible to the majority of the population. However, the service life of cheap windshield wipers is extremely short. Some time after the purchase, their functional ability decreases, there is a creaking, a loose fit to the glass, and, accordingly, the appearance of bands of dirt.

Case form "beskarkasnikov" resembles a spoiler made of rubber and plastic. Inside it are two thin plates of metal, firmly holding the rubber blade, which, in turn, in contact with the glass, makes cleaning. The ends of the janitor are equipped with plastic plugs, and in the center there is a mounting bracket. Thus, a reduction in icing sensitivity is achieved. With active work, such wipers are virtually silent. The immediate advantage of "beskarkasniki" is the ability to replace the rubber blade, which makes them particularly economical . Frameless janitors, on average, can be purchased for 1200 rubles.

Hybrid wipers have a special design that adapts to any shape of the windshield and provides a snug fit. This is a kind of "mixture" of the hinge system with a rocker and a plastic spoiler. Hybrids differ from classic wipers by a significantly lower frame height. In the latter case, the frame is fully enclosed in the casing-fairing.

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